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    What does an extension ladder have in common with a Knaack box?

  • Back-Saving Ladder Cart

  • Clever Extension Ladder Mod

    Like most tradesmen, I've spent a lot of time struggling to raise balky extension ladders. So my first reaction upon seeing this project was: Why didn't I think of this back when I painted houses?

  • Cordless Grinder, Platform Ladder, and More

    Here are some new tools I saw at the World of Concrete – and they're not all for concrete.

  • Tools Up Close: Erecta-Rack Drying Rack

    Erecta-Rack consists of 40-inch steel cross bars that snap into plastic support blocks, which stack and snap together like Lego blocks. As the rack goes up, the individual sections begin to resemble ladders, with towers of blocks for the sides and cross bars for the rungs. It's designed to be...

  • Product Watch: Space-Saving Ladder

    Even though they fold, stepladders are bulky and difficult to transport. The Little Giant Select Step combines two common sizes – a 6-footer and an 8-footer – in one model, so you've got one less ladder to haul around.

  • Product Watch: Werner Ladder with Levelers

  • Little Giant Sumo Stance Extension Ladder

    The Sumo Stance extension ladder by Little Giant has two adjustable-length legs that slide out to triple the width of the ladder's footprint.

  • SafeTec Platforms 5-Step S-Deck Pro

    SafeTec Platforms makes lightweight aluminum work platforms with integral ladders in a unique scissor-leg design.

  • Ladder Safety: Best Practices

    As a roofer, I make my living climbing up and down ladders every day. So I was surprised to learn that ladder safety violations consistently rank among the top ten cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); third among specialty contractors, and seventh overall among OSHA's...