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  • Lowe’s to Pay Record $500K Penalty Over Subs’ Lead-Paint Rule Violations

    EPA cites job practice and recordkeeping infractions by contractors that Lowe's uses

  • Judge to Companies that Sold Lead Paint: Pay $1.1 Billion to Clean Up Your Mess

    A California judge ruled against three companies that sold lead paint prior to its being banned in 1978 and said they are liable for a portion of the mitigation costs in certain California counties.

  • Hackman Retires

    Lee Breton has been asked to do some crazy things in his career at Lenox Industrial Tools, and he's done them all. But now, after 48 years with the company, he's hanging up his tool pouch – and leaving a hole in the tool industry that will never be filled.

  • Randall Coe, VP of Marketing, Bosch Power Tools

    If you look beyond Randall Coe's titles at Bosch, first as director of product development and now as vice president of marketing, you'll find a complex, energetic ToolHound. Coe's leadership and rebellious streak have produced paradigm-shifting tools–stuff you use every day–and a business culture...

  • Cutting Edge: "The Old Saw Man"

    Tools of the Trade magazine presented its first Lifetime Achievement Award to living legend Marshall Burns at the JLC Live Show in Providence, R.I., in March. Burns started working with his father in 1937 making saw blades, often traveling to remote sawmills in the Maine woods to set up the...

  • Tim Kenney: 'Gazinta Man'

    The look in Tim Kenney's eyes when he's showing you his shop says it all: 'I was born for this job.' And it didn't take him long as a kid to know this self-truth. 'When the other kids were playing sports, I was in my basement scavenging model airplane engines and making rockets,' he says.

  • 2006 Editors' Choice Awards

    In this era of widespread hype and rhetoric, words like 'groundbreaking' and 'revolutionary' are so commonly overused they often turn us off rather than attract our attention. Instead of being wowed, we are often numbed and under-impressed. That's why we're happy here at Tools of the Trade to not...