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  • Three Old-School Sawmills

    Two are among the last of their kind and one is unlike any that ever existed. 

  • A Trip to the Sawmill

    See how logs become lumber at the only operational redwood mill on California's Central Coast.

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    This is the abstract.

  • A Trip to the Plywood Factory

    The other day I received an email blast from one of the big box stores touting a particular brand of hardwood plywood. I can't vouch for its quality because I haven't used it, but I like that it's made in the USA (most plywood is from China, Canada, and other countries with forest industries).

  • A Durable Truck Rack

    I navigated the first decade of my carpentry career without a lumber rack.

  • Reconnx Nail Kicker V20 Nail Remover

    The Nail Kicker V20 by Reconnx removes nails from lumber.

  • Chris Holmgren, Dickerson, Md.

    The U.S. Forest Service says 3.8 billion board feet of good timber–felled from storms, construction, disease, or every-day tree removal–is trashed each year. That really bothered Chris Holmgren. The proprietor of Seneca Creek Joinery in Dickerson, Md., about 30 miles north of Washington, D.C....

  • Tool Test: Sliding Miter Saws

    Whether it's into wood or your wallet, large sliding miter saws make the biggest cuts, so we tested them to help you invest wisely. The seven 12-inch, dual-compound sliding miter saws in this test are the best of each player in the field, and we couldn't resist throwing in a brand new, 10-1/4-inch...

  • Product Watch: Festool Trim-Router Set

    Festool's MFK 700 EQ trim-router set weighs 4.2 pounds, micro-adjusts to 1/256-inch for precise trimming.

  • Milwaukee Wormdrive Saws

    Milwaukee's two new wormdrive saws — 6477-20 (with standard plug) and 6577-20 (with twist-lock plug) — feature 15-amp motors, 12-foot cords, rafter hooks, on-board wrench storage, magnesium housings, and sight glasses for checking the gear oil.