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  • Side Job

    The only time I used to touch vinyl siding was to tear it off an old Colonial or Victorian I was hired to rescue, or to hang it on unremarkable buildings like strip malls, multifamily units, or a shotgun ranch. So, I was shocked when a client asked for vinyl on a new $700,000 custom home.

  • New Tools, Hands On

    In my snowboard manufacturing shop, we use a circular saw primarily for cross-cutting hardwood lumber to rough lengths prior to laminating it into blocks. This operation is all about speed. With thousands of feet of lumber in 16-foot lengths delivered at once, we really need to move through the...

  • Reusing Lumber

    At 8 a.m. on demo day, the framing I'm about to tear out and junk is a perfectly functional floor or roof system. By lunch, I'm paying to have it carted off. So, on my latest tear-down, a 25-foot-by-44-foot ranch, I explored saving framing and reusing it on the new project going up in the old...

  • SiteLines: Trim Tricks

    Production speed for trimming may sound contradictory to some, but it's not?speed is good. The trick is setting up a good cut room, measuring properly, and coping inside corners. Here's how we make trim fly.