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  • New Tools from Hitachi, Stiletto, Kobalt, and More

    Earlier this year I – and 50,000 others - went to the International Builders' Show (IBS) in search of new tools and building products. I enjoy going to trade shows because there's nothing like seeing new tools early on and in person. This year's show did not disappoint...

  • Spring 2011 Product Watch

  • First Test: Craftsman Twin Cutter

    Readers have been asking us about dual-blade circular saws, so we decided to put the Craftsman 25574 Twin Cutter Saw to the test. Craftsman came out with its first version of a dual-blade saw early in the last decade, so the technology has been around for a while, but the 25574 model is the latest...

  • Launch Time 2009: Lenox Mobile Torch System II

    The Lenox Mobile Torch System II (MTS II) is a combo gas-torch canister connection and accessory carry-all designed for professionals.

  • Launch Time 2009: Bernzomatic QuickFire Torch

    The QuickFire Torch offers a more compact size and a hotter flame for soldering (and other direct heat-applied operations) than competing products, says the maker.

  • Jimmy T Tools Stake Puller

    Pulling out steel-form stakes isn't anyone's idea of fun, but a neat tool promises to make the job a little easier.

  • Delta 17-959L and Powermatic 2800 Drill Presses

    The first drill press I ever used was 40 years ago in my grandfather's workshop, and the ones I've used since, during my 22 years as a woodworker, haven't changed much. Woodworkers have always struggled with basic machines designed for metalworking.

  • Product Watch: Irwin Mach6 Chalk Reel

    Among several new chalk reels from Irwin is the Mach6, with a redesigned body and steel handle with a larger center clutch.

  • Launch Time: Lenox T2 Metal-Cutting Recip Saw Blades

    An innovative design on Lenox T2 metal-cutting reciprocal saw blades is said to double the blade life and improve performance up to 25% over Lenox's previous generation of blades.

  • Launch Time: Bosch Jigsaw Blades

    Two all-new jigsaw blades from Bosch offer improved performance and durability across a range of specialty cutting operations.