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  • Top 18-Volt Tools for Repair Carpenters

    Survey says: here are the cordless tools repair carpenters have, the ones they want, and their favorite brands.

  • Top 18-Volt Tools for Builders

    Survey says: here are the cordless tools builders have, the ones they want, and their favorite brands.

  • Bosch OSC114C Carbide Multi-Tool Blade

    Carbide teeth make for a tougher blade than is possible with bimetal material.

  • DeWalt Oscillating Multi-Tool

    DeWalt just announced the launch of the DWE315K, the company’s first oscillating multi-tool (OMT).

  • A Cool-Looking and Functional Multitool

    The Leatherman CX Skeletool has been out for several years. I’m writing about it now because I bought one last year and am still in love with the thing.

  • Hacking a Festool MFT

    The multi-function table (MFT) is made by Festool; the multi-function tool cart (MFTC) is made by you.

  • 18-Volt OMT with Something Extra

    Late this summer Bosch will release the MXH180, a cordless version of their MX series oscillating multi-tool (OMT).

  • Dremel Drywall Jab Saw for OMTs

    A jab-saw attachment for oscillating multi-tools.

  • I Have a Terrible Secret and Must Confess

    I recently bought my first multi-tool — a Leatherman. I didn't intend to wait this long; it's just that there were so darn many to choose from. And I was afraid of ending up like the fellow in this video, who started...

  • Makita OMT Teardown

    I was working on a story about oscillating multi-tools (OMTs) when it occurred to me I had no idea how a spinning motor could make a spindle go from side-to-side. So I did what I always do when a tool confuses me – I tore it apart.