More stories about Multi-Tools

  • Midwest Snips MW-CT Combo-Tool

    With the MW-CT combo-tool from Midwest Snips, you can switch between settings to alternately punch nail slots and snap locks in vinyl and aluminum siding.

  • Bosch and Rockwell Multi-Tools

    It used to be that if you wanted a multi-tool — an oscillating sander/cutter — you had to buy one of Fein's MultiMasters.

  • 2009 Editors' Choice: Goldblatt Bladerunner

    This ingenious tool may not replace your utility knife, but if you work with drywall it should become part of your arsenal, especially for radius cuts.

  • First Test: Next Generation MultiMaster

    Many multifunction tools don't live up to all they're supposed to do, but the Fein MultiMaster is a rare exception. I've used one for about eight years; I don't use it on every job, but when I need it, I'm glad I have one. I originally purchased it for the exclusive purpose of making accurate...

  • Launch Time: Stanley FatMax Retractable Utility Knife

    The durable razor knife has gone through many changes over the years, and the latest from Stanley, the FatMax Retractable Utility Knife, builds on previous improvements.