More stories about Painting

  • An Exceptionally Well Organized Pickup

    Jeff Van Damme turned the back of his truck into a giant storage system.

  • Hand Tools That Broke

    According to Scott Burt, he got what he paid for when he bought these cheap tools.

  • TrueCoat Finish Sprayers

    Here are three of the Graco sprayers that were on display at the JLC LIVE tradeshow.

  • Product Watch: Comfortable Drop Cloth

  • Product Watch: Easy Door Painting

    Door Deckers are designed to assist with both the painting and the drying of doors and shelves.

  • Spring 2011 Product Watch

  • Tool Test: Airless Paint Sprayers

    We gathered nine pumps, ranging from midlevel budget models to a few suited for everyday use on smaller jobs – they just had to be able to handle the pros' requisite .019-inch tip. Our painter of 25 years used them with interior and exterior latex paints to determine their worth from a full-time...

  • Cutting Edge: Confusion Surrounds Lead Rule

    By now, everyone involved in residential remodeling should know about the EPA's Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule. As of midsummer there were still plenty of questions and confusion regarding the requirements for tools and equipment. In particular the government was still in the process...

  • Product Watch: Ryobi Cordless Power Paint Sprayer

    The portability of Ryobi's 18-volt cordless power paint-sprayer kit P631K makes it useful for outdoor priming, sealing, and staining.

  • July/August 2008 Hot Finds

    Cleaning paint rollers, trays, and brushes often isn't worth the time or trouble, but throwaway tools are an expense that adds up. Shur-Line's new Teflon-coated roller covers, trays, and brushes for latex and oil paints and stains come clean so easily that even dried paint peels off without residue...