More stories about Panels

  • ZipFast Barrier Panels

    These modular reusable nylon panels are easier to use than plastic.

  • Can’t get it here: Sword Saw

    Festool’s Schwertsägen allows carpenters to make precision cuts with a chain.

  • First Test: Goldblatt BladeRunner

    Goldblatt's BladeRunner drywall cutter wasn't even on the market when I first heard about it, but it sounded so cool, I knew I wanted to try it out: a tool that scores both sides of a panel at the same time, and makes drywall cuts a very quick snap. I even dreamed about it one night, and woke up...

  • Drywall Screwguns

  • Footing Forms

  • Side Job

    The only time I used to touch vinyl siding was to tear it off an old Colonial or Victorian I was hired to rescue, or to hang it on unremarkable buildings like strip malls, multifamily units, or a shotgun ranch. So, I was shocked when a client asked for vinyl on a new $700,000 custom home.