More stories about Post-Occupancy Performance

  • 2010 Editor's Choice Awards

    This year's search for outstanding new tools, equipment, and innovative features was as challenging as ever, given the continued rate of product introductions from all corners of the manufacturing world serving professional construction markets.

  • Sitelines: Retool for Green

    There's a lot of talk these days about how the green economy is going to revitalize our industry – especially through energy-related upgrades to existing buildings – and how, when markets for new homes recover, they will be distinctly greener. I couldn't agree more. Working to improve the energy...

  • 2001 Editors' Choice Awards

  • Metal-Cutting Circ Saws

    You can't flip open a window in a skyscraper, so we usually end up working in enclosed spaces where using cut-off saws with abrasive wheels will fill the air with acrid smoke and airborne filings. And if that's not bad enough, hogging through a bundle of metal studs in a closed room is...