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  • 12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rebar

    Your last truck, fridge, or microwave may have been turned into rebar at a plant close to home.

  • Product Watch: Rebar-Resistant Masonry Bit

    Nothing destroys masonry bits like rebar. One solution may be the new SpeedHammer bits, which – according to Irwin – are designed to be twice as durable as standard masonry bits.

  • Product Watch: Fast Rebar Tying

    Rebar tying tools seem to come in two flavors: simple hand tools and high-tech cordless machines. Somewhere in the middle are the new Pinza Tying Pliers, which look like a set of end nippers with the spiral shaft of a Yankee screwdriver grafted into them.

  • Spring 2011 Product Watch

  • Rod Chomper RCBE-6

    Trade professionals often talk about 'the right tool for the job.' When it comes to cutting and bending rebar, Rod Chomper's hydraulically operated RCBE-6 is that tool.