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  • Jobsite Falls

    If you have seen this month's survey on safety practices, then you probably figure this blog entry was planned to coincide with it. In fact, it's kind of an accident (no pun intended) that I am writing about safety now. The survey was written weeks ago and it wasn't until the other day, when I...

  • List of Lead RRP Rule Vacuums

    With all of the confusion surrounding the new requirements for remodeling work in houses built before 1978, one of the biggest sources of confusion we hear about is the HEPA vac requirement.

  • Launch Time 2010: Capital Safety DBI-SALA 50-Foot Sealed-Blok SRL

    The new DBI-SALA 50-Foot Sealed-Blok SRL is a fall-arrest device designed with several industry-first safety features.

  • SafeTec Platforms 5-Step S-Deck Pro

    SafeTec Platforms makes lightweight aluminum work platforms with integral ladders in a unique scissor-leg design.

  • Skyline Northwest Sight Shield Goggles

    If you need to protect your eyes from flying debris but find that most goggles limit your view, check out Sight Shield goggles.

  • Ansell Healthcare VibraGuard Gloves

    Exposure to high levels of vibration can lead to serious injuries.

  • Fall 2009 Safety Supplement: Training Your Crews

    Training is an essential part of every safety program. Crew training provides an opportunity to focus on workplace hazards, operations, procedures, tools, equipment, and employees' attitudes. There are two basic types of safety training: formal and what we call 'tailgate' meetings.

  • Product Watch: Safety Gear

  • Tru-Pro Products Aluminum Drywall Stilts

    Ever notice that a drywall guy stomping around on stilts looks a lot like Herman Munster?

  • Safe Sites

    Walk around any jobsite on any given day–even the ones with well-trained and experienced work crews–and you are likely to see some relatively unsafe setup or dangerous situation waiting for trouble. Workers who know better will overlook safety because they think 'I'm just going onto the roof for a...