More stories about Safety

  • Ladder Safety: Best Practices

    As a roofer, I make my living climbing up and down ladders every day. So I was surprised to learn that ladder safety violations consistently rank among the top ten cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); third among specialty contractors, and seventh overall among OSHA's...

  • Training Your Crews

    Training is an essential part of every safety program. Crew training provides an opportunity to focus on workplace hazards, operations, procedures, tools, equipment, and employees' attitudes. There are two basic types of safety training: formal and what we call 'tailgate' meetings.

  • SiteLines: Safety Check

    I know it's hard to stop scrambling in this business, with the constant crush to line up work, get the work done, and then get paid when you finish. But if there's ever a time to pause and focus, it's when it comes to assuring job-site safety for your crews, subs, and suppliers. Through these...

  • Product Watch: Elvex Go Specs

    Elvex Go-Specs GG-40C-FF protect against dust, sand, cement, and chemical particles, according to the manufacturer.

  • Product Watch: Howard Leight Clarity Earplugs

    Howard Leight's Clarity earplugs – with a SoftFlange seal – protect hearing in environments of 95 dB or lower.

  • Product Watch: MSA North America Custom TechnaCurv Harness

    The Custom TechnaCurv Harness from MSA North America features a patented curvilinear comfort system that combines curved neck and torso webbing with an adjustable Y Back D-Locator pad.

  • Product Watch: Construction First Aid Kit

    The ANSI 10-person Construction First Aid Kit contains 91 combined units of bandages, scissors, tweezers, first-aid creams, and dressing pads.

  • Product Watch: Moldex Meteors Disposable Earplugs

    Moldex Meteors disposable earplugs are the only earplug designed with an undercut tip to keep the earplug secured in the ear canal, says the company.

  • Product Watch: Dräger X-plore 1700 Series Respirator

    Made from CoolSAFE filter material and featuring an innovative exhalation valve, the Dräger X-plore 1700 series particle-filtering facepiece respirator has a moisture-repellent inner fleece and attaches with a head harness.

  • Product Watch: Gateway Safety 4x4 Sport Safety Glasses

    Gateway Safety's 4x4 Sport safety glasses provide 99.9 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays.