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  • Training Center: Builders' Show Education / Crisis Management / Start With Safety

    Where to go for training and education in the trades.

  • 23-Gauge Pin Nailers

    I first discovered 23-gauge pin nailers when I was looking for a way to quickly attach small moldings after I found that 18-gauge brad nails, the standard for attaching small wood trim, would consistently split the material. At the time of my first purchase–about a decade ago–pin nailers shot a...

  • Training Center: Tool Safety / Safety Training / Nailing Safety

    The Power Tool Institute offers a number of educational articles on its Web site promoting safe use of a variety of power tools, including circ saws, table saws, routers, and jigsaws. In addition, PTI offers a number of tool-safety brochures and videos.

  • Magswitch Featherboards & Jigs

    As a part-time college woodworking instructor, I have seen quite a few variations of the featherboard. In general, I'm a skeptic when it comes to new gadgets, having found over the years that they don't live up to manufacturers' promises. Then I came across the Magswitch Pro 30-mm and Standard...

  • Training Center: English as a Second Language

    Inside: Safety Education / Connector Training / Safety Guide

  • Safety First: OSHA's Big Four

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is focusing its attention on what some call the 'Big 4' causes of jobsite injuries and deaths: falls, trench and excavation accidents, electrocutions, and workers being struck by or caught by equipment. In addition to the focus on these...

  • Safety Gear, Work Gloves, New Tools

  • Fire And Rescue Crew, Cherryvale Fire Station 1, Boulder, Colo.

    When I was a teenager, tools were the compass leading me toward manhood, and since then I have done no less than carve my path through life with tools in my hands. I've written over the years about how tools bring truth to your work and put bread on your table. But I've never written about how...

  • Electric Chainsaws

    When you think of chainsaws in construction work, your mind usually goes to builders of log homes, pole barns, docks, fences, and perhaps timber framers. But I dug a little deeper and found them used in demolition, vintage wood salvage and reuse, panel home building, sculptural stair and railing...

  • Safety Checklist

    Use this checklist to avoid OSHA's most cited violations.