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  • 2012 Editors' Choice Awards

    Innovation, invention, and refinements that improve the way we work

  • DeWalt DWE357 corded reciprocating saw

    DeWalt has given the corded reciprocating saw a makeover with the release of the DWE357.

  • GoSaw vertical panel saws

    Though they're great for cutting sheet goods, vertical panel saws are not known for their portability.

  • Swanson Savage Jab Saw (SVK666) two-position jab-saw blade

    The Swanson Savage Jab Saw (SVK666) is the Swiss army knife of the drywall trade.

  • Porter-Cable Clamp Saw

    A number of companies have released small 12-volt reciprocating saws, but the Porter-Cable Clamp Saw is the first one that actually holds onto the material for you.

  • Oregon PowerNow 40V MAX Chain Saw

    It's not always easy to get a chain saw started, and all that tugging on a pull cord can get pretty frustrating.

  • Here's a Man Who Likes Machinery

    I have never seen a one-man shop with as much equipment as this fellow has.

  • Repurposing a Lock Mortiser

    Last summer I built a set of craftsman style carriage doors for my house and decided to use mortise and tenon joints. I hadn't made this kind of joint before so I asked my friend, Gary Katz, how to go about cutting the deep mortises. He suggested using a lock mortising machine, a tool designed for...

  • Chainsaw Implosion

    I kind of like repairing tools – taking them apart and putting them back together so they work.

  • The Original All-Terrain Table Saw

    Otto Steenken was a lot of things: carpenter, family man, and evidently – the guy who in the early 1960s invented the all-terrain table saw stand.