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    For some guys, if everyone else has it then it’s not good enough.

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    We posted a photo of a miter saw joined to a chainsaw motor and asked you to comment. Please tell us which comment you think is the cleverest.

  • A Tricked-Out Cut Table

    There is a lot packed into the design of this home-made work table, including an electric winch that raises it to the garage ceiling so it stores against the rafters when not in use.

  • 18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinders

    These angle grinders won’t come close to replacing a corded version for all-day use, but most of them are capable enough to have around for average jobs or whenever the convenience of cordless grinding and cutting is needed.

  • Next Generation Demo Demon Recip Blades

    Are carbide-tipped recip saw blades a thing? Oh yes.

  • Skilsaw Sawsquatch Wormdrive

    This new 10 1/4-inch model cuts 4-by material in a single pass.

  • Diablo Hole Saws

    These extra-deep hole saws utilize a unique Snap-Lock mandrel that allows the pilot bit and saw to be swapped out without the use of tools.

  • Bullet Centerfire Foam-Cutting Saw Blades

    Carbon steel Centerfire circular saw blades have a knife edge rather than saw teeth and are specifically designed to make smooth cuts in foam panels and insulating concrete forms.

  • 2014 Editors' Choice: Top 10 Innovative New Tools

    From cordless recip saws to portable CNC machines, here are our top picks of the most innovative new tools in 2014.

  • Diablo Pergo Blade

    Designed to be used with a chop saw to cut laminate flooring, the blade will last 75 times longer than a carbide-tipped one, according to the manufacturer.