More stories about Saws

  • Pekka’s Homemade Miter Saw

    As home-made equipment goes, table saws and band saws are not all that special. But a home-made miter saw? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

  • Recip Blade Compass

    This accessory not only cuts, in a pinch it can be used for layout.

  • SawStop Suit Stopped: Tool Companies Escape With Only a Nick

    A federal judge dismissed an antitrust lawsuit charging most of the world’s table saw makers with conspiracy and group boycott.

  • Cutting Wood at 150,000 FPS

    When it comes to saws we usually think in terms of HP or RPM, but here it’s FPS, as in frames per second—the speed of a hyper fast camera capturing the cutting-action of the blade in a table saw.

  • The 10 Best and Worst ToTT Blog Posts: First Half of 2014

    According to you, these 10 blog posts were the best and worst of 2014. How do we know? We looked at the website data and saw which stories you liked and which you thought were garbage. Did you miss any of the best? Did you accidentally read any of the worst?  There’s only one way to find out.

  • Faster Job-Site Joinery

    Here are some tools that can help you make joints more quickly and accurately.

  • Three Scary Table Saws

    A tool company lawyer’s nightmare: crank-start gasoline engines, exposed belts and flywheels, and a gnarly-looking power feed.

  • Rockwell Introduces New Oscillating Tools

    Rockwell unveils four new OMTs that are lighter and more powerful than previous Sonicrafter models.

  • Diablo Demo Demon Carbide Tip Recip Blades

    These blades are great for cutting abrasive material but perhaps not the best choice for clean nail embedded wood.

  • Hacking a Chop Saw

    Some clever mods turn an inexpensive cutoff saw into a metal-cutting track saw.