More stories about Saws

  • Ridgid Tile Saw

    The R4030 is a high-capacity 7-inch tile saw that sells at a very low price point

  • Dustless Technologies SawBuddie

    Dust-free cutting with a recip saw may be possible after all

  • Bullet Tools EZ Shear

    The SST 26 can cleave a saw-quality cut through siding materials up to 1-1<2044>8 inches thick

  • First 4-Stroke Power Cutter on the Market

    I know more than one person who has accidently ruined an expensive 2-stroke machine by accidentally fueling it with straight gasoline (instead of the required gas/oil mixture). That can’t happen with Makita’s new EK7651H power cutter because its 4-stroke engine uses regular unleaded gasoline.

  • 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saws

    The best models have good runtime and cut dense material without slowing down

  • An Extremely Peculiar Circular Saw

    Mafell is best known for its timber-framing tools but the company also makes circular saws: standard models, plunge-cutting track saws, and one plunging model that is hard to describe...

  • Can You Really Have Too Many Tools?

    John Sindelar thinks so – and to prove it he is selling 90% of his incredible collection...

  • The Karlsruhe Chainsaw Massacre

    What happens when you give a Stihl to a robot and tell him to have at it?

  • Incredible Home-Made Panel Saw

    I'll probably never meet Hector Acevedo, but that doesn't mean I can't admire the heck out of the panel saw he designed and built from scratch.

  • A Bizarre Cordless Tool Test

    I don't speak Swedish so I have no idea what the guy in this video is saying. It doesn't matter, though, because his actions speak louder than words.