More stories about Saws

  • Chainsaw Implosion

    I kind of like repairing tools – taking them apart and putting them back together so they work.

  • The Original All-Terrain Table Saw

    Otto Steenken was a lot of things: carpenter, family man, and evidently – the guy who in the early 1960s invented the all-terrain table saw stand.

  • Reader Feedback On Recent Article

    A couple of weeks back a reader commented on a story we did on the durability of various recip saw blades. Read on to see his message and my response.

  • New DeWalt Saws

    DeWalt recently introduced three new saws, a compact corded recip saw, a corded circular saw, and a mini cordless recip saw with a folding handle...

  • Stephen Colbert's Take on a Dangerously Safe Tool

    According to Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, a bunch of 'digit coddlers' are ruining this country by attempting to mandate the use of table saws that are so safe they could be dangerous.

  • Cordless Grinder, Platform Ladder, and More

    Here are some new tools I saw at the World of Concrete – and they're not all for concrete.

  • Tools Up Close: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jigsaw

    When it comes to jigsaws, I'm an avowed barrel-grip guy, so even though many of my other tools are cordless, I've been stuck using a corded jigsaw. But with Milwaukee's recent introduction of the model 2445 saw (which takes M12 batteries), I've been able to add a cordless model to my tool kit.

  • Tools Up Close: RotoZip ZipSaw

    About a year ago, Tools of the Trade sent me a ZipSaw, a grinder-based cutoff saw that takes 3-1/2- and 4-inch proprietary cutoff wheels.

  • Tool Test: Demo-Blade Showdown

    We pushed 18 recip-saw blades to their limits to determine their ability to cut quickly and resist wear.

  • Porter-Cable Quick-Change Oscillating Tool

    Porter-Cable's new oscillating tool is notable for its unique quick-change feature.