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  • Insane Japanese Carpentry

    Tools and techniques differ by country but are especially different in Japan.

  • Japanese Stair Builders in Action

    Their tools and methods are far more familiar than those of Japanese framers, but there are still a few twists.

  • Little Giant Select Step Ladder

    This ladder can be used where standard models cannot and is perfect for setting up to work in a single spot.

  • Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamp

    Bessey is known for its strong industrial and shop clamps.

  • Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamps

    Does the mere thought of your next stair job — all that tightening and loosening by hand of dozens of large clamps — have your carpal tunnel syndrome acting up?

  • Crown Heritage EasAlign Handrail Joiner

    Joining stair handrail sections requires painstaking fitting and fastening, but the EasAlign system by Crown Heritage can make the job easier.

  • 19 Steps to Site-Built Stairs

    Most of the custom homes I build have two stories and therefore require a set of stairs, and, except for a wrought iron spiral job, every staircase gets built on site. To make it easy to remember all the nuances of stair framing, I use a three-stage building checklist that helps me stay on track as...