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  • PLS 480 Layout Laser

    This do-it-all tool from Pacific Laser Systems can project square layout onto sloped surfaces, project plumb and level lines, and be used in place of a plumb bob.

  • Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

    This tool was designed to be simple to use and able to take a beating.

  • Bosch GLL 3-50 Laser

    This new combination laser can be used in place of a plumb bob and to project plumb, level, and square layout onto floors, walls, and ceilings.

  • DeWalt DW0822 Layout Laser

    This combination tool shoots both lines and dots, and can be used in place of a plumb bob.

  • PLS Green Beam Lasers

    To the human eye, green is three times more visible than red.

  • Sola Focus Vial Level

    Sola's new Focus Vial Level is designed with a strong emphasis on readability.

  • Tool Test: Affordable Line Lasers

    For this article, my crew and I tested 11 self-leveling line lasers that can be purchased for $300 or less – an amount any tradesperson should be willing to spend for a tool that can pay for itself. Our pricing came from reputable online dealers; you may pay more or less based on when and where you...

  • C.H. Hanson Precison Ball Level

    Inspired by the horizon- indicator instrument found on airplanes, C.H. Hanson's new Precision Ball Level uses a weighted floating ball to find level, plumb, and any angle or slope in between.

  • Feature: Lost and Found

    Thanks to the Defense Department, we civilians have free access to the Global Positioning System (GPS), also known as Navstar. GPS is a network of 24 satellites, 11,000 miles up and orbiting the Earth about twice daily. By latching on to any three of them at the same time, a GPS receiver can...

  • Leica Geosystems Disto D2 Distance Meter

    Sized to fit in a shirt pocket, the Leica Disto D2 is the smallest distance meter available and the simplest to use, says the manufacturer.