More stories about Vinyl

  • Launch Time 2009: Midwest Tool Siding Combo-Tool

    The Vinyl/Aluminum Siding Combo-Tool (model MW-CT) is two products in one – so you have one less tool to carry when working on a scaffold or ladder.

  • Launch Time: Irwin Marathon Vinyl Siding Blade

    The Irwin Marathon vinyl siding blade is the first designed for circular saws, according to the manufacturer.

  • Malco Products Sider

    If a speed square is a framer's go-to layout tool, Malco's Sider is the equivalent for vinyl-siding installers.

  • Side Job

    The only time I used to touch vinyl siding was to tear it off an old Colonial or Victorian I was hired to rescue, or to hang it on unremarkable buildings like strip malls, multifamily units, or a shotgun ranch. So, I was shocked when a client asked for vinyl on a new $700,000 custom home.