New Cutting Technology


LENOX's innovative engineering and manufacturing processes have been industry standards since 1915, when the company began manufacturing hacksaw blades. Today, LENOX continues to lead in blade manufacturing through its innovations in metallurgy, blade geometry, and expertise in all areas of cutting requirements. This drive to innovate is a corporate value and has led to an entirely new line of bi-metal reciprocating saw blades based on the new LENOX T2 Technology, which incorporates patented technological developments and design features that optimize blade geometry and reduce friction and heat buildup when cutting through the widest variety of metal materials.

T2 blades rely on advances in blade geometry, including tooth shape, pattern, and set for each cutting application or TPI (tooth per inch) specification, to deliver the longest lasting, fastest, and most efficient cutting performance in the industry. These revolutionary features, including new surface coatings, combine to help reduce friction and heat buildup, requiring less user effort to deliver the lowest cost per cut in the industry.


The Site Commander Sweepstakes concludes at the 2009 LENOX Industrial Tools 301NASCAR race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, N.H., where the grand prize will be presented to the winner. For the first time in NASCAR history, this Sprint Cup Series race has added one full lap in honor of the LENOX Extra Mile Hero program, which recognizes LENOX customers for the hard work they do every day.

Meet the Wolf Pack

Meet the Site Commander drivers Kevin Burnett ("Timber Wolf"), Michelle Sanchez ("Arctic Wolf"), and Josh Glasco ("Gray Wolf") a.k.a. the LENOX Wolf Pack, when they roll into a Lowe's near you.

Special thanks to Carhartt, the official work wear sponsor of the Site Commander, for providing its latest high-performance products for the Wolf Pack to wear during the tour.

Special Features

Truck Features

Once again, we turned to industry leader and innovator Reading Truck Body LLC for its SpaceMaster Classic II model service body for all three of this year's Site Commanders. And once again, Reading provided the highest quality bodies we could find, including new materials, features, and details that add even more protection, security, and durability than before. When the bodies were finished, Reading engineers worked with the Site Commander designers at Sparks' Detroit studio to lay out the custom compartments and oversee construction at Special Project's shop in Plymouth, Mich.

Reading SpaceMaster Classic II body features:

  • Fully unitized welding with U-beam girders braced and reinforced at all critical stress points
  • Zinc-coated steel bodies enter a 12-state process that thoroughly cleans, rinses, and electrically fuses the primer to steel, providing complete coverage to the body, even in hidden and recessed areas
  • Powder Coat top coat throughout the interior and exterior
  • Seamless wheelhouse panels
  • Thick, heavy, double-layer door panels
  • Nitrogen door struts, overlapping doors, robust hidden hinges
  • Latch-Matic remote, electronic keyless locking system and audible alarm for increased security and convenience
  • Stainless steel door handles with rotary locks
  • Exclusive Dual-Pro door-seal system for weather protection
  • Six-year limited warranty

Custom Features

Command Center (driver's side). Includes custom gull-wing door, full-function computer station powered by Dell Latitude XFR computer with Sprint Merlin Broadband wireless card and Linksys router; 20-inch Dell flat-screen monitor mounted on adjustable Ergotron wall mount; generator and electrical system controls; biometric time clock; weather station; blueprint storage; DVD player; coffee maker.

Generator. Built-in Kohler 7APU 65 KW diesel generator runs off truck fuel tank and delivers electrical power to inverter and batteries for all electrical loads, as well as AC for integrated outlets and retractable ReelCraft cord at the rear of the Reading body. When running, generator also provides heating and cooling for the mobile office inside the cab.
BedSlide Storage Unit. Each Site Commander is outfitted with BedSlide's new Contractor Grade pullout storage shelf for easy access to tools and equipment, stored in the truck bed effortlessly.

Weather Guard Ladder Racks. Lifting and loading ladders on a tall truck like the Site Commander could be a pain in the back if it weren't for the Weather Guard EZ-Glide ladder racks on the driver and passenger sides of each truck. A lever and piston system drops the racks down alongside the truck for easier access. The system then repositions the racks with the ladder back on top, where they lock for travel.