Jobsite Segway

The gull-wing door on the passenger side of the Site Commander opens to the compartment holding Segway's x2 Adventure personal transporter. The Segway loads and unloads easily on an ingenious electronic lift designed by Sparks and built by Special Projects. The bottom of the compartment drops on an angle to meet the ground, then lifts, seals, and locks back into the body for storage during travel.

Segway's rugged, all-terrain, battery-powered x2 Adventure is a fast and easy way to get around a site or a subdivision. With the x2's wide, low-pressure tires, it can go just about anywhere. The customized Site Commander edition is equipped with its own Dell military-grade Latitude XFR laptop and Sprint's Direct Connect communications gear, so you can stay connected while on the Segway no matter where you end up. A blueprint tube, gimbaled cup holder, and toolbox complete the custom features.

Segway Features:

  • Ability to move backward, forward, and sideways simply by leaning
  • True zero-turn radius
  • Speed: Up to 12.5 mph
  • Footprint dimensions: 21 inches by 33 inches
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Range per charge of up to 12 miles off-pavement
  • Charges with standard electrical outlet or generator
  • Small and light enough to load in a van or truck for easy transport
  • Virtually no maintenance expense for years after initial purchase
  • Cost to operate is about a penny a mile
  • Zero emissions, environmentally friendly, green alternative transportation
  • Good visibility on a jobsite; rider stands 8 inches higher than normal
  • Wide, low-pressure tires offer a softer, cushioned ride

Mobile Technology: Communications

Sprint Communications Gear

Besides providing the Merlin Broadband cards and Linksys router to connect the Dell computers, Sprint equipped each Site Commander with the following wireless communications gear and service:

  • Blackberry 8830 GPS-enabled phones
  • Ruggedized Motorola Nextel Direct Connect phones
  • Simply Everything service plans for unlimited text, surf, e-mail and phone service
  • Mobile Broadband Connection Plan for instant Internet access via the largest national mobile broadband network

Mobile Technology: Mobile Office

In the cab, rotate yourself into position in the custom office chair. Swing the Dell Latitude XFR laptop into position on its Ergotron wall mount. Sit in roomy, conditioned comfort while you work at this fully connected mobile office. Sparks designed and Special Projects installed the mobile office components, including:

  • Customized office chair and swivel assembly
  • Custom console with file storage and raised work surface
  • Dell Latitude XFR military-grade laptop and docking station on Ergotron mount, equipped with Sprint Merlin EX720 Broadband wireless card
  • Cannon PIXMA iPp100 mobile printer
  • Creative MP3 player
  • Custom panel including heat, AC, generator, and window controls, and AC and DC power outlets

Mobile Technology: Command Center

From the Command Center in the Reading Body (driver side), you and your crew can work on a fully connected, full-function computer station powered by the Dell Latitude XFR and networked via a Sprint Linksys router. The technology includes:

  • Dell UltraSharp 20-inch LCD monitor
  • Ergotron wall mount
  • Dell wireless keyboard
  • Dell Latitude XFR laptop installed as server for Command Center
  • DVD player
  • Network connection via Sprint Linksys router
  • Biometric time clock
  • Wireless weather station
  • Generator, electrical, and lighting system controls

Dell Details

Dell Latitude XFR ruggedized laptop computers meet military performance standards for extreme temperatures, drop protection, moisture exposure and altitude operations.

  • Solid die-cast magnesium alloy chassis
  • Optional integrated touchscreen
  • Solid-state hard drives
  • Shock-isolated protection for hard drives and LCD display
  • Sealed keyboard capable of withstanding the elements
  • Six-cell/56WHr lithium-ion primary batteries: primary and secondary
  • Weight: 8.98 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 13.9 x 10.2 in.