Here's a sneak peek at more of the technology we've designed into the 2008 LENOX-sponsored Site Commander, which will hit the road by the end of September. These Dodge 5500s are loaded with custom work-truck innovations, including what we're calling the "Command Center" on the driver's side of the Reading body. Think firetruck control area.


A gull-wing door opens to reveal the Command Center on this year's Site Commander, with a full-function computer station with a 20-inch screen.

The gull-wing door lifts to reveal the Site Commander's second fully functional networked computer with a 20-inch flat-screen monitor and keyboard to access the Internet, run training DVDs, e-mail change orders, or any other technology function you'd need to help you run your crew, your job, or your business. The other computer station is in the cab's Mobile Office. The Command Center also features controls for the onboard Kohler diesel generator and power distribution system.

There are three Dell Latitude XFR D630 military-grade laptop computers on each Site Commander: one in the mobile office, one wired to the command center, and one that is mobile and located on an all-terrain Segway x2 Adventure. Sprint provides wireless service that connects each computer, along with Direct Connect and Blackberry hand-helds, to the rest of the world.

This is one of the most technology-loaded work trucks on the planet, and you'll see it soon at a Lowe's near you. Check out the truck and its features, the tour itinerary and, of course, enter to win the Site Commander Sweepstakes grand prize at

–Rick Schwolsky