I'm currently using one of the coolest flashlights I've ever seen, the Coast A25R Rechargeable, which packs a blindingly bright 466 lumen LED light.

The housing is milled from thick stainless steel and has a solid tool-like feel. There are high and low settings, and the beam can be zoomed to a wide or narrow angle by sliding the part that contains the lens forward or back. According to the manufacturer it will project a tightly focused beam up to 560 feet. I didn't measure, but it certainly goes very far.

The flashlight includes an amazing number of accessories – so many that when I opened the box I felt like a kid at Christmas. The kit includes a flashlight, nylon holster, two rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, an adapter pack, USB cable, belt and wall clips, and adapters for AC and DC power. The only thing missing was a solar panel – and that would have required a larger box.

At the rear of the housing is a cleverly concealed USB plug that allows you to charge the lithium-ion battery while it's in the flashlight. Or you can charge the battery by taking it out and connecting it directly to the USB cord. The charging cord can be plugged into a computer or the included wall socket adapter (120-volt AC) or automotive adapter (12-volt DC). If all else fails, you can power the unit by putting four AAA batteries into the adapter pack and putting it in the flashlight.

The flashlight can be stored in the holster or clipped into one of two swivel mounts – one slips over your belt and the other screws to the wall

The A25R retails for about $110.