If you’re unlucky enough to need to remove a whole lot of caulk or sealant, and own an oscillating multi-tool, then your luck may have changed. That’s because there’s a new OMT accessory designed with this unpleasant task in mind—Bosch’s OSF314K Industrial Sealant Knife. It’s a new and more heavy-duty version the company’s earlier OSC214C Caulk Knife Blade.

The OSF314C is sharp on the end and along either side and can be used to cut caulk and sealant out of all sorts of gaps. At 3 inches in length, it’s about an inch longer than competing blades. I saw it demonstrated (see video below) at The World of Concrete and it looked much faster and easier than using a utility knife to cut sealant free. There are two versions of the new blade, one for any OMT that accepts Bosch OIS accessories and another for Fein’s SuperCUT tool. The Industrial Sealant Knife blade is made in Switzerland and costs $8-11 online.