I've been testing tools for years and am on a lot of mailing lists, so new tools frequently arrive on my doorstep unannounced. Most of these tools end up gathering dust in my shop but a recent arrival from the Swanson Tool Company has earned a coveted spot in my tool belt...

It's the Savage Jab Saw/Utility Knife, a neat little folding saw that takes standard recip blades on one end and utility knife blades on the other. The blades fold out like they do on a pocket knife and lock into position. On the saw end you can use a fine tooth wood blade, nail and wood demo blade, or a metal cutting blade. The tool comes in a carry case that clips onto your belt but I prefer to keep it in my pouch.

Within a few weeks of receiving the tool I had come to love it. I use it any time I need a quick cut, such as making that final cut in a stair stringer or trim piece that I don't want to overcut with a power saw, or anytime I've got a single cut to make and don't feel like dragging out a recip saw. I rarely use the knife but it's nice to know it's there in case I need it.

The space in my tool belt is valuable real estate and a tool has to be valuable to find a home there — the Savage Jab Saw/Utility Knife has made the grade.

Savage Folding Jab Saw & Utility Knife
Length folded: 7 1/4 inches
Weight with blades: 11.3 ounces


Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Web price: $23