Festool Multi-Mode Sander

The RO 90 DX sander is the newest entry in the Rotex product line. Like other Rotex models, it has an aggressive mode for stock removal and a random orbit mode for fine sanding. But it also has a "Delta" mode that allows you to remove the circular head, replace it with a triangular pad, and use the tool as a detail sander. Click here to see a short demonstration of the RO 90 DX.

Miter Saw Fence System
FastCap's new Best Fence System is built around aluminum extensions that attach to the sides of a miter saw. It includes mounting brackets, support legs, a flip stop and scale, and can be purchased with our without a tripod-style stand. According to its maker, this highly portable system is designed to bring shop accuracy into the field. Click here for an overview of the system and here to see how it can be adapted to a DeWalt miter saw stand.

Combination Laser
Pacific Laser Systems may not have invented line and point-to-point lasers, but the folks who work there have done more to popularize these tools than anyone else. They recently introduced the PLS4, a wide-angle cross line laser that can also function as a plumb bob. We had hoped to cover it in the laser article we did last spring but it wasn't out yet. It's now available and you can see it demonstrated here.

EZ Shear
Bullet Tools makes several hand-operated shearing tools for cutting fiber-cement, vinyl siding, wood and laminate flooring, and a variety of other building products. These shears are light, quiet, and require no power; just pull the lever and the guillotine-like blade slices down through the material. Click here to see a video of the EZ Shear model in action.