There aren’t a lot of cutting options for rigid foam, especially ones that do so without spraying blue or pink colored dust. So we were intrigued to see the redesigned Centerfire blade from Bullet Tools at JLC Live last week; it comes in a 7 1/4-in. and 10-in. version. The blade, which can cutEPS, XPS, and Poly-ISO, wasn’t being demonstrated at the JLC Live event, so we didn’t get to see it in action. But those of you who were at IBS this year may have seen it there where Bullet was running rigid foam through a table saw. These blades aren’t new, but this redesign is. The new design has a ceramic coating, which Bullet says keeps the heat down on the blade, and prolongs the life. Cost: $60 for the 7-1/4", $90 for the 10"