Instead of forcing workers to hold an grinder sideways for cutoff uses, DeWalt simply redesigned a few 6-inch angle grinders to be easier and more comfortable to use for cutting. The body-grip DWE46044 and rattail handle DWE46066 are corded cutoff tool that fits 6-inch wheels. The main ergonomic improvement is that the switch was moved to the side of the tool where it is accessible to a user’s fingers, instead of requiring a hand to be wrapped sideways around the tool as with a grinder with its switch on the bottom. The main safety and productivity improvement was to add a dedicated cutoff guard that covers more of the cutting wheel. Besides having less of the rotating wheel exposed during use when compared to an industry standard Type 01 guard, DeWalt’s spring-loaded retractable guard features a notch that can be held against the material being cut to stabilize the tool and keep it from jerking away from the user.