Nail Jack extraction pliers have an "anvil" behind the head that you pound on to drive the tips into the wood surrounding a nail. To lift the nail, you squeeze and pry with either the tips or the thicker jaw at the back of the pliers' head. The latest heavy-duty model features longer handles and forged construction designed to take a real beating. Pounding directly on the bent arms of the Pro Model ($35) – instead of on a flat anvil surface, as with the smaller models – lets you better control the angle of attack. The company also has Nail Hunter and Staple Jack pliers with finer tips to remove thin nails and staples. We were impressed by the ability of the tools to lift a countersunk brad-nailer brad – a very tricky task. It might have taken more than one bite, but we managed to skillfully extract these troublesome fasteners after a few tries. A second-generation version of the original cast-steel Nail Jack is under development. 877-785-5624,