Warning: This video contains strong language, unsafe work practices, and a guy who is about to be in serious trouble with his wife.

When I was a carpenter I worked several tradesmen who grew up on farms and was always struck by how fearless they were about taking on repair and construction tasks they hadn't done before. It makes sense; growing up on a farm is like living at a factory that you have to build and maintain. If the tractor breaks you fix it. If a fence needs building, you build it. And if a silo needs to come down – well, you do it the best way you know how.

That's what the fellow in this video did. Lucky for him he wasn't crushed by falling concrete panels. If you think this is an unsafe way to take down a silo, then we agree. But if you think it's an unusual way, think again – there are all kinds of videos on YouTube of people demolishing silos with sledge hammers, tractors, and cut-off saws.

I won't offer safety advice to the guy in the video because he probably wouldn't take it. But I would suggest that if he doesn't want his wife to see him come within inches of being killed, not to post a video of the event on YouTube. If you watch to the end you'll hear his friend say "better not show that one to Diane". Too late – I bet Diane has already seen.

Warning: the video below contains profane language and unsafe work practices.