Stanley is reviving its old Sweetheart branding yet again, this time for a line of bench chisels. Building on the patterns of its long-retired Model 750 socket chisels, the company will be introducing eight Sweetheart Socket Chisels ($29 and up) this fall from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inches wide. The tools have rounded hornbeam handles and wide beveled edges. And finally out is the long-awaited #92 Shoulder Plane – the last to appear in Stanley's next-generation premium plane line. The iron in this 3/4-inch-wide plane goes the full width of its body, so it specializes in tasks close to an edge, such as trimming tenons and cleaning up dados and rabbets.
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Bridge City Tools

Bridge City Tools' KM-1 Kerfmaker ($72) is an ingenious little device that accurately figures a table-saw blade's kerf into repeatable cut lengths for lap joints. It follows the simple edict that marking is preferable to measuring if you have a choice. Another impressive tool by this inventor-driven company is the CT-17 Dual Angle Block Plane (on this issue's cover; $859). Looking like it rolled off the assembly line at Cyberdyne Systems just behind the Terminator, the reversible iron has a different angle on each side for varying applications, and all the moving adjustment parts are integrated as mechanical sculpture.
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Milwaukee's new hand-tool line is growing, with several everyday tools for the electrical and plumbing trades. The most unique development is the patent-pending ECX bit (in two sizes) that comes in the electrician's 11-in-1 Screwdriver ($15). Terminal and mounting screws found on switches, receptacles, and conduit fittings have special head sockets that can be driven with Phillips, square-drive, or flat screwdrivers. In effect, Milwaukee reverse-engineered the versatile screw by making a bit that fills the entire socket for secure, no-slip driving. The other tools rounding out the line are two utility knives, a screwdriver set, PVC and mini hacksaws, and two jab saws. The folding version of the jab saw fits 4-inch recip-saw blades.
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M.Power's Combination 3D Square ($50) is a try square, marking gauge, and saddle square all in one. The pencil-holding marking gauge is easily removable, so it can be attached to a longer straightedge to use as a giant compass. A 2-inch-long wing below the body of the tool lets you mark around outside corners. Our favorite feature is the retractable foot that swings out in line with the blade. With the foot out, the square sits flat on the edge of a board without tipping or falling off.
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