If you were to mention NWS to a European tradesman he'd know you were talking about high-end German-made hand tools. The brand is less well-known here, because only a couple of vendors sell it in the U.S. market. What interests me about these tools is their design and the manufacturer's apparent commitment to quality. I have yet to see any NWS tools in person but I did just order a pair of these combination pliers. I don't really need another pair of pliers – but I saw them and had to have them. One of the things that attracted me to them is the opening across from the cutter – which can be used in place of an adjustable wrench.

The video below (by the mfg.) shows more of the features of these pliers. Near the end you can see how the nibs on the inside ends of the handles can be used to hang the pliers on the wall. What it doesn't show is the optional lanyard that clips onto one of the nibs so you can avoid dropping the tool when working up high.

A blogger at Make Magazine posted this nice review of some NWS needle nose pliers – including a pair with an unusual angled head.

Finally – there is a discussion of the pros and cons of various hand tools (including NWS) on this Garage Journal forum page. About a third of the way down the page are some nice photos of the product line.

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June 05, 2012

looks versatile.....how much ?

Posted By: eeerik | Time: 8:59:13.11 PM