We’ve published a number of articles that illustrate the incredible craftsmanship and hand-tool techniques that go into traditional Japanese joinery. The techniques, like corner joints for sills

, keyed scarf joints, mortise and tenon joints, are all still used today to frame houses—most often for restoration work.

If you’ve ever wondered how many different styles there are, or even how they look in 3D, a twitter account called "The Joinery" offers more than 80 GIFs that show how a joint is designed, and how it goes together.

The guy who created this account and the GIFs works in the car industry but collects Japanese woodworking books. He found the illustrations and instructions difficult to visualize, so he set out to create a catalog of all of the joinery techniques.

The GIFs are impressive in their own right—but the volume of them, and the joints they illustrate are even more impressive.

Here’s an example of one of the GIFs:

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