The model 32700 Power Driver Set includes a handle, and #2 Phillips and #2 square drive bits. They can be loaded into the handle one-handed and removed with a press of the release mechanism.
The model 32701 Power Nut Driver Set includes a handle, and 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" magnetic nut drivers.
These are some additional bits that could be used in the Switch Drive Handle System—they represent a small fraction of the accessories Klein makes and are resting on the type of canvas pouch they might be carried in.

Klein recently released the Switch Drive System, a handle that works with any 1/4-inch hex bit with a groove to hold it in. What’s cool about the system—and why it’s better than a traditional multi-driver—is the selection of available bits. The Power Driver Set (32700) includes a handle and a #2 Phillips and #2 square drive bit. The short bits and fat shafts of traditional multi-drivers tend to impede access. That won’t be a problem with the Switch Drive tool because the screwdriver bits are long and thin—like those of a regular screwdriver.

A quick-release mechanism on the handle makes it easy to swap or remove bits. When a task requires finesse the bit can be used in the handle; when it requires strength it can be used in a drill or impact driver. It’s a convenient setup because it allows the tradesman to perform multiple operations with a minimal quantity of gear: a handle, power tool, and a bunch of easily stored bits.

In addition to the Power Driver Set, the tool is available in Power Nut Driver Set (32701) that includes a handle plus 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8” magnetic nut drivers.

You are not limited to the bits and drivers that come with the handles. The handles will accept any 1/4-inch hex bits and Klein makes a bunch of them: screwdriver bits, nut drivers, multi-bit driver bits, and a conduit reamer. All are impact rated and most come in multiple sizes and lengths.

The Power Driver Set goes for about $22 and the Nut Driver Set  about $36. Both tools are made in the USA.