In conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Klein Tools recently announced a voluntary recall on certain digital clamp meters: the CL110, CL210 and CL310 and CL110KIT. According to Klein Tools, a fastener within the meters can potentially work itself loose over time, which could lead to a false reading when measuring voltage. A faulty meter could falsely read zero on energized lines – which could have obvious consequences.

The CL110, CL210 and CL310 and CL110KIT being recalled have the following date codes: 0815U-A1, 1015U-A1, 1115U-A1, 1215U-A1, 0116U-A1, 0216U-A1, 0316U-A1

Klein has already begun shipping new, updated products. These updated products will have a green check box on the sku.

Regarding the CL110KIT: only the digital meter is being recalled.

Follow this link for instructions on how to return and exchange your digital meter.