I’ve been using a Construction Master for years now. As a framer by trade, I have gotten good use out of the tool on every job I’ve worked on that required formulas or calculations that go beyond what can be done with a simple calculator. But the Construction Master did take some time to actually master, mainly because of the complexity of the functions it performs. If you don’t use it everyday, it’s tough to memorize all of the input paths and their order. So I was intrigued when given the Construction Master Plus EZ, and asked to review it. “EZ”? I thought. Okay, I’ll bite… So I used the so-called EZ version for the past couple of weeks and here’s what I found.

The  Construction Master Plus EZ Calculator looks very similar to my old Construction Master calculator with the same durable case which has held up very well over the last ten years. It does all the things a regular calculator can do and also has a prompting feature (this makes things easy), which walks you through the calculation you’re trying to make. I found the prompting feature useful in many ways. I don’t always remember the formulas for different material lists; this calculator has them programmed in so it's just a matter of entering the dimensions that it tells me and I'm all set. I chose a problem to solve, and the calculator told me what information it needed to give me the solution.

I like to check my math before I start cutting a complicated roof. I'll figure up my common rafters for the different spans, establish heel heights, different pitches, ridge heights and so on, then I'll go back, using the square up function on the calculator and see if there are any mistakes. I've been using one form or another of this roof cutting method for many years, This calculator makes it a little easier, and in my business a little easier means I get more done by the end of the day. I haven’t had this tool very long and I already prefer it to the old Construction Master. It’s very easy to use and I would recommend it as a calculator or as a phone app.

Cost: $59.95