David Frane_ToTT

Certain tools go together, like a hammer and a nail set or a measuring device and a calculator—which is what the LSC60 is, a laser distance measurer with a built-in calculator. Instead of measuring something, writing down the dimensions, and then keying those dimensions into a calculator to determine the amount of paint, tile, or trim required for a job, you can measure and calculate with the same device without the need to key in dimensions. The LSC60 has six different measuring functions including area, volume, and continuous. It can be used for distances between 4” and 195’ with an accuracy of =/- 1/16”. The memory will store up to 30 measurements, which can be made in feet, inches, or meters. Produced by NWi (Northwest Instruments) in a factory in China the LSC60 has a suggested retail price of $199.