At a recent media event I saw a presentation on a new line of Milwaukee tapes that ended with one being sand blasted to show how durable the blade will be when subject to the kind of grit it might encounter on the jobsite.

The company will introduce 11 different tapes between now and early 2014. They will range in length from 16 to 35 feet. Some will be metric; all will be magnetic. You can find photos I shot of the tapes on the left side of this page and a video of the presentation below. The photos show various models and close ups of some of the details. The video contains a detailed description of course – the sand blasting test.

These are the imperial (non-metric) models with their release dates.
16' (July 2013)
25' (July 2013)
30' (January 2014)
33' (January 2014)
35' (January 2014)