1. The GLL 30

The GLL 30 is a self-leveling laser that projects cross-lines that are reported to be visible up to 30 feet. So it’s meant for small to mid-sized rooms – like bathrooms or kitchens where accuracy of 5/16” over 30 feet would be tolerable. A user review on Bosch’s site reports poor visibility in brightly lit rooms and almost no visibility outside. It comes with a mounting bracket that can clamp to a variety of surfaces, like hand rails, ladders, and pipe, from ½ in. to 2 ¼ in. thick. It’s the least expensive of the three cross-line lasers because of its limited (relative to other models) visibility and functionality. It’s small enough to fit into your pouch, and it has a locking pendulum so it’s less likely to break when dropped. The level can also be put on manual mode for custom angles like stairways.

Accuracy: +/- 5/16-in. at 30-ft.
Line Mode: Cross-line
Laser Diode: Class II 635nm, = 1mW
Type: Self-leveling up to 4°; manual mode
Weight: .5 lb
Battery: (2) AA
Price: $70 (US) $85 (Canada)
Included: mounting bracket, (2) AA batteries