When people tell me it's impossible to find tools that are made in this country, I tell them they are only partially correct. Most tools are imported, but some are still made here. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to know in advance where a tool came from – especially when you buy online. You could be in the store with the tool in front of you and still not know because the country of origin is not on the box or is printed so small you need a magnifying glass to read it.

So what are you to do if you want to buy tools that are made in the USA? You could start by visiting stillmadeintheusa.com – a website that was put together by Stephanie Sanzone. It covers multiple product categories and has a good section on tools.

The list isn't perfect – as it says at the bottom of the home page "This site is a voluntary effort by one woman to help shoppers find products made in USA".  If you know of tools that should be listed – or see ones there that should not – use the email address on the website to let Stephanie know.

I contacted her about some companies I know of that aren't on the list – and came away with the impression that she does not include manufacturers unless all (or nearly all) of their products are made in this country.

Milwaukee makes most of their tools overseas but their recip saw blades come from a plant in Mississippi. Lenox has a plant in Massachusetts where they make hole saws, some drill bits, and blades for recip saws, hacksaws, and bandsaws. Most of Delta's tools are imported, but the Unisaw is made in South Carolina. Makita has a plant in Georgia but I am not sure which of their tools they make there.

If I gave it some thought I could probably come up with some more. What tools do you know of that are still made here?

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May 15, 2012

Lokk no further than Snap-On - they acquired the venerable Sioux power tool line a few years back. And they are making their machine in Murphy NC. Thier website shows several awards the polant has won including Industry Week's top 10 made in USA.

Posted By: edg1021 | Time: 6:53:06.453 PM

May 15, 2012

I produce Original 3rd Hand.357 "SawGuard Safety Lift" All in the USA. www.the3rdhand.com

Posted By: Jack Tracy | Time: 9:13:50.25 PM

May 16, 2012

If you want to go beyond tools. check out Design Patriot on the web.

Posted By: oppedon | Time: 5:25:04.723 AM