SK Sockets
David Frane SK Sockets

In June I was in the Midwest for a family event and while there visited the SK tool factory in Sycamore, Illinois. The company gave me a tour—which was very cool—and I wrote about it after in A Trip to the Socket Factory

A reader named Bob posted the following comment on that story:
I bet everyone who works there has a complete socket set at home. lol

My wife tells me I have a criminal mind. It sounds like you may have one too. I have no idea whether or not SK gives employees free tools or a generous employee discount. I could ask, but this is one of those times when it’s more fun to speculate. I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but I’d be willing to bet there is at least one guy who worked for SK (long ago, before IDEAL bought the company) who has a mis-matched set of SK sockets in his garage—along the lines of the car in the Johnny Cash video below.

LOL indeed!
The Editor