Milwaukee recently announced its new line of pliers designed with specific trades in mind. The pliers, slated to be released this month, come with durable overmold grips, that Milwuakee says won’t crack or peel like dipped grips.  Iron carbide edges are meant to increase the blade life and a black-oxide finish protects from rust.

Crimpers that cut

The crimping pliers feature a cutter at the tip, and have crimping capacity for both insulated and non-insulated wire. The head is designed for deburring of EMT. Cost: $25

One tool, six uses

Like most fencing pliers, these offer six capabilities: staple puller and pincher, wire gripper, wire cutter, wire puller, and hammer. Cost: $25

Better leverage for the ironworker

The Ironworker’s Pliers are designed with an angled handle for better leverage while twisting rebar. Cost: $30

PVC/Oil Filter Pliers

Designed for plumbers and and mechanics, the jaws on these 9” pliers can open to 3 1/2" capacity making them suitable for large PVC fittings or oil filters. Cost: not yet available

No-mar nippers

The smooth head of these 7" nipping pliers is designed not to mar finished surfaces during pulling and prying. Cost: $20