Shaping Tools

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Preventing Router Blowout

In this video, you'll learn two quick and easy tips for preventing tear-outs when... More

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Razorscribe Leaves a Clean Edge

Here's a handy scribing tool that doubles as a stud finder. More

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Hart Quick-Tatch Trowels

Hart’s Quick-Tatch trowel system consists of a detachable handle that slides on... More

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The Master of Mud

Bernie Mitchell used his skill as an artist to take drywall finishing to an... More

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Hyde 17-in-1 Painter’s Multi Tool

This multipurpose tool can scrape paint, pull nails, apply putty, open cans and... More

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Hyde 17-in-1 Painter's Tool

This may be the Swiss Army Knife of putty knives. More

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The $100 Wood Rasp

The Auriou Toolworks rasp is crazy expensive, but when you see what goes into making one you’ll wonder how it can be sold for so little. More

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Strange Curved Bar Clamps eaxyawrztaccvtaxfraexavutudzyvawd

You will never guess what these specialized clamps are for. Really—you won't. More

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What Are These Bar Clamps For?

We recently asked about a photo of some bar clamps that was posted on the... More

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A High-Falutin $700 Hand Plane

Move over expensive European hand tools, here's a plane that will give you a run... More


Tool Tests

Makita Rear-Handle Cordless Circular Saw

On the West Coast, rear-handle worm drives rule. Does this cordless version with a...

Tool Test: Hitachi Triple Hammer Impact Driver

Did adding a third anvil increase driving speed, beats per minute, and torque, all...

Field Tested: The Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Hammers

Mark Martinez, the inventor of the Stiletto TiBone, has a new hammer out, and as...

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