Most carpenters and remodelers I know keep a chisel in their tool pouch. Chisel’s relegated to a carpenter’s toolbelt instead of a nice case on a shelf are bound to see their fair share of bumps and bruises, and don’t stay sharp for long. Sharpening them properly takes a fair amount of time. And because time is at a premium for most tradesmen I know, anything that can save it while offering high-quality results is a worth a look. Having a sharp chisel makes for better, more efficient work. But you don’t need multiple stones or any fancy techniques, as Izzy Swan proves in this video.

Here, Swan demonstrates sharpening a chisel with the Razor Sharp Edgmaking System. The system, which runs for about $58 online, consists of two cardboard discs that mount to a bench grinder. The setup is quick, and the sharpening is even quicker. What about the results? Check out how easily Izzy cuts through a chunk of leather, and how quickly he cuts a mortise in some white oak and then decide. The first half of the videos shows sharpening a knife. Tune in to about 3:58 to see Izzy talk about sharpening a chisel this way, and then demonstrate the technique.

Would you use this technique? Or do you think sharpening chisels by hand offers better results? If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.