The handle of this screwdriver was cut away to show how the shaft goes all the way through to the metal cap at the end. This allows the user to beat on the handle without fear of breaking the handle.
There is a 1/4-inch square opening at the end of the handle so the driver can be used with a T-handle or ratchet.
A ratchet can be used to apply additional force to seized fasteners.

You wouldn’t think there would be much to say about a screwdriver, but there is about the most recent version of the Wera Chisel Driver. It has a special hardened tip and a shaft that goes all the way through to a metal cap so you can beat the tool like a chisel without fear of damage. The Kraftform handle prevents blisters and calluses and makes it easy to grip the screwdriver. A nut-shaped piece, or bolster, where the shaft enters the handle allows you to put a wrench on the tool to assist in freeing seized fasteners. If that’s not enough, you can apply even higher torque by attaching a 1/4-inch ratchet or T-handle to the recessed opening in the impact cap.

Chisel Drivers are available for slotted, Phillips, square drive, Torx, and a variety of security screw patterns. Made in the Czech Republic, they have a lifetime warranty and are sold individually or in kits with prices starting at about $18.

Wera is headquartered in Germany and is known for its screwdrivers, though it also makes wrenches and other hand tools. The brand is not widely distributed in this country but is worth seeking out if you are looking for innovative and unusual tools. Chad’s Toolbox is probably the best-known U.S. source of Wera tools, though in recent years Amazon and others have begun to carry the brand.

See the video below for a look at some of the features of the Chisel Driver.