Wiss recently announced the Flip Joint Cable Cutter, a 3-in-1 tool that performs the functions of a cable cutter, cable sheath knife, and wire stripper. At first glance the 8-inch tool looks like a pair of diagonal cutting pliers but the curved cutter and notches near one of the tips indicate it is something different.

The tool is designed to be used like this:
1) Use the cutters to shear the cable.
2) Flip the handles 360 degrees to expose a knife-like edge on one of the tips and use it to slit the cable.
3) Return the handles to the normal position and use the notch near the tip to strip the wire.

Under normal circumstances the functions above would require the use of two or three different tools; now they can be performed with one. The Flip Joint Cable Cutter is designed to work with vinyl-coated cable (such as Romex) and will cut bare or multi-stranded copper or aluminum wire up to size 10/3. See the video below for a demonstration of how the tool works.

Price: $20
Country of origin: Taiwan