Strattec Security produces multiple models of Bolt Locks. Here are the padlock, receiver lock, and hitch pin lock. There is also a spare tire lock, cable lock, and retrofit toolbox latch.
Bolt Cable Lock
Bolt Retrofit Toolbox Latch
Coupler Pin Lock

Strattec Security’s Bolt locks are designed to be “programed” by their owners to match the ignition keys from their vehicles. This allows you to carry fewer keys and reduce the likelihood you’ll arrive on site and not be able to open something because you forgot the key.

These weatherproof locks are compatible with the keys from most brands of vehicles and available as padlocks, cable locks, spare tire locks, receiver locks, tool box latches, and tail gate handles. Programing the lock is a matter of inserting the desired vehicle key, pushing a button, and then turning the tumbler (see video below). From that point on the lock can be opened by the key for that vehicle.

The newest product in the series is the Bolt Coupler Pin Lock, which can be used to prevent the uncoupling of a trailer. The lock adjusts in 1/8-inch increments along a stainless steel pin to allow for a snug fit with couplers from 1/2 to 3 3/8 inches wide. It features a plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping and its stainless steel lock shutter helps keep out dirt and moisture. Like other locks in the series, it is made in Mexico. The Coupler Pin Lock retails for about $30. Padlocks go for about $22. For more information—including pricing—visit Strattec Security’s website.