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Redwing CrV Work Boots

A new line of lighter more flexible boots with an anatomically correct foot bed.  More

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Keen's Destin, Aurora, and Braddock Work Boots

Steel toe boots don’t have to look or feel like steel toe boots. More

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SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

Flesh-sensing safety technology will soon be available on portable models. More

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ICS Concrete Cutting Chainsaws

These unusual tools may be just the thing for curb cuts, squaring corners, and cuts where it’s not worth bringing in a track-mounted wall saw. More

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Web Headline Goes Here

This is the abstract. More

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Plywood Turns 100

Industry celebrates anniversary in Portland, Ore. More

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Dead Stop

Steve Gass is out to change the tool world in a big way. The Portland, Ore., inventor is a woodworker and patent attorney who holds a Ph.D. in physics. His new safety device for table saws could mean the difference between a Band-Aid and an amputation. You've got to see Gass's SawStop in action to believe it. The electrically controlled super brake stops a full-speed table saw blade within 1/4 of a revolution when it comes in contact with a finger--even with a feed-rate as high as 60 feet per minute. Gass likens his invention to automotive airbags. More


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